We enable wellbeing and productivity to co-exist

What is HumanClub?

HumanClub is a community of innovators with a mission to change the way people work and lead. Quality of working life and productivity are interlinked. This makes it possible to achieve both better results and better quality of working life at the same time. Then everyone wins: the company produces more and employees are happier. Complex phenomena can be simplified with solid research and experience and practical models and tools.

HumanLab Oy | Työelämän valmennukset, koulutukset, testit, verkkokurssit

Our services

Our offer includes training, analysis, face-to-face and distance training, digital material and webinars, depending on the situation and needs. We build applications and services for work-life and leadership development, drawing on multidisciplinary expertise and proven methodologies.

Digital coaching platform

Incorporate digital learning materials in to your coaching processes.


You can find what members of the HumanClub have to offer here.