Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit Certification

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The certification course is best suited for consultants, coaches, HR personnel, and anyone who works with organizational or personnel development.
Training and materials are in English.
1-day certification course (at CET 9 am -4 pm) is organized remotely.

You will learn about the key concepts of workplace emotional climate.
You will learn how to measure the emotional climate and find the core strengths and areas of improvement as well as blindspots of a team or an organization.
You can carry out one complimentary Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit with one group of your choice as a part of the certification
You’ll get practical tips for developing your clients emotional climate
Also includes a follow-up session where you can ask questions and share your experiences.

Completion of this certification program will allow you to administer Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit tool, generate reports and provide feedback to groups on their audit results.
You will be authorized to use the tool to give you a competetive edge and offer it to your clients.
Workplace Nordic’s friendly support team will be there to help you in the future as well, in case you have any questions when using the tool.
You will be a part of the rapidly growing Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit tool user network.
After the certification you pay only for the usage, no license or other fixed fees apply.

We will contact you in regards to your free tryout Emergy® Emotional Climate Audit Report logistics. No other preparation needed for the course.


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