WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ -Certification course

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WorkPlace Big Five Profile™, based on modern personality research, is an efficient personality and team profiling tool. A growing number of organizations around the world are adopting WorkPlace Big Five tool and finding it incredibly useful.

WorkPlace Big Five is an excellent tool for developing teams, assessing natural management style, career planning, defining recruitment needs and streamlining the actions of coaching.


  • The certification course is well suited for HR personnel, consultants, coaches, and for all who work within developing people/organizations.
  • After Workplace Nordic’s certification course (4 x 3 hrs Zoom sessions), you are authorized to use the profiling tool independently.
  • As part of the certification, you will get to know your own Big Five profile and you can deepen your self-knowledge.


  • After the course you can practise profiling (supported by Workplace Nordic’s WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Master Trainers) as 3 free profile tryouts are included in the price.
  • You will have a 2 hrs online (Zoom) follow-up session approx. 3 months after the certification course.


  • Workplace Nordic’s friendly user support will be there to help you in the future as well, in case you have any questions when using the profiling tool.
  • After the certification, you will be a part of the rapidly growing WorkPlace Big Five user network.
  • After the certification you pay only for the usage, no license or other fixed fees apply.

When: Customized scheduling. Our certification course schedule can be flexibly tailor made to suit your needs. We will schedule 4 x 3 hrs online sessions together with you.
Where: Online (Zoom sessions)
Price: EUR 2,400,- VAT 0 % per person
Trainer: WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Master Trainer Hilkka-Maija Katajisto, Workplace Nordic

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